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The Survive Her Challenge Winners

Here you can find all our past winners of the Survive Her Challenge as they are entitled to their fame!

Domcon 2013 Champion

Switch Lil Bit of Sanctuary Studios

April 2013 Club Tempt: Hypnosis the 420 Rave

Lilith Von Bosen and (Currently Not Pictured) John

March 2013 Club Anarchy: St Paddys Day Hot Oil Mess Wrestling Rumble

Lil Bit

February 2013 Club Anarchy: Anti Valentines Day Dirty Doll's Disaster


December 2012 Club Tempt: Rock the Bondage Bell..How the Carol Stole XXX-Mas

Kitten Tits

October 2012 Club Tempt: Villians and Victims...A Nightmare on La Cienega Blvd


August 2012: Club Tempt: A Night in the Garden of Eden...Mistress Tetra's Birthday Flesh Fest