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The Anarchists: Club Tempt Stage Show Performers

The Anarchists is a Group We have Formed with some of our Regular Committed Performers. The Anarchists are skilled Fetish Performers providing Entertaining and Sexy Stage Shows based in the Los Angeles Area. The Group Consists of Experienced Fetish Professionals, Lifestyle Players, Fetish and Adult Stars and a Few Kinky New Comers Now and Again! The Anarchists were Officially Formed in February 2013. Club Tempt wanted to help Promote and Provide Opportunities for the Performers who were part of our Events on a Consistent Basis. The Anarchists are led by Mistress Tetra, the Owner and Hostess of all Club Tempt Events. In order to help our Performers Further their Careers we now offer Booking Opportunities for any of our Anarchists, If you would like to bring the Anarchists to your Next Event or Party Please Contact us at: [email protected] or [email protected]
Hostess and Stage Performer

Vivian Vidette

Natalie Kade