Club Tempt Events

We will Turn You on and Blow Your Mind!

Our Next Event is:
"Anarchy in Wonderland"
Club Anarchy 
April 20th 2018 at 9pm
(Membership Required)
10914 S. La Cienega Blvd, Lennox, CA 90304

Club Anarchy is Dedicated to Combining Swingers with Kinksters in our attempt to Keep the Sexy in BDSM. We Present Live Stage Performances you cannot see anywhere else. From BDSM to Burlesque We Put the Action in Satisfaction. Club Anarchy will Blow your Mind and Turn you on. We make you sign a Waiver and Become a Member because these Shows are so Hot! Our 7,000 Square foot Professionally Licensed Dungeon is Fully Furnished with 6 Themed Play Rooms. We have a Large Main Hall with a Large Stage, Plenty of Room to Dance and Play, Seating, Drinks for 21+, Public Restrooms, and a Large Greek Shower.  Our Expert House DJ  will be Spinning Popular Hits from all Genres So Everyone's Favorite makes our Playlist, We even encourage music with Sexually Explicit Themes and Lyrics.
Our Events are Frequented by Many Professional BDSM Players, Performers, Models and Vendors as well as lifestyle Players and even novices curious about the scene. Since our Event is Members Only we offer a Safe Sane and Kinky Place to Play No Rules in a real Dungeon.
CLUB ANARCHY is similar to Other Members Only Events but Our Play Parties have Stage Shows! All the Fun and None of the Bullshit, No formal introductions or profiles, be yourself and bring your friends! Let your fantasies come alive and do the things you can't normally do at a public party but have always wanted to do in a dungeon. Maybe you'd like to watch something wild you've never seen before? We have it all at CLUB ANARCHY!

Some events have fancy rules or dress codes, not us, this is ANARCHY BABY! The REAL NO RULES PLAY PARTY. This is an event for Members and VIPs. Club Anarchy is a Private Members only event but we will be accepting new members and signing up Regular Memberships for free at the Sanctuary Studios or you can buy a VIP membership Online for $40 at Sanctuary Studios's website listed below We Now Also Offer Special Event Ticket and Membership Packages. You Cannot buy a membership the night of the event so please take advantage of this deal before its too late, Memberships at other Venues can range up to Hundreds of Dollars! Come in before the Next Event and we will give you one for FREE

All Our playrooms are open for unrestricted Play and Anything goes. The Stage shows at Club Anarchy are like NO OTHER EVENT!

Club Anarchy is Always Seeking New Performers!

We are always looking to add new Performers to our X Rated Shows. Exhibitionist Couples are always welcome to be Guest Hosts of Specific Rooms and We also love to help Our Guests Organize Group Encounters. Single Women are Encouraged To Apply Unfortunately At the Time We are Not seeking New Solo Male Performers as the Majority of our Performers are Women but Single Men are Encouraged to Apply for Service or Volunteer Help Positions.

How to Become a Member:

Becoming a Sanctuary Member will Not Only Get You into Club Anarchy but it will also get you into Sanctuary's other Member's Only Events.
Any One Can Become a Sanctuary Member it's Easy Just follow the Instructions Listed Below and Once you are a Member you can bring your friends who are non Members as Guests:
To Become a Regular Member it's FREE there is only One Catch, YOU HAVE TO COME AND SIGN UP BEFORE THE EVENT. We literally Stop signing up New Members at 6pm The Day of the Event. It's nothing Personal or to Keep things Exclusive it's the LAW. So you can come to any of our Regular Non Member Play Parties almost any weekend and sign up or you can come into Sanctuary During Regular Business Hours it's easy and you might see some Sexy Sanctuary Staff while they are working.

Sanctuary Studios LAX
10914 S. La Cienega Blvd Lennox CA 90304
Near LAX airport on La Cienega between Imperial and Century
Business Hours
Monday 11am - 9pm
Tuesday 11am - 9pm
Wednesday 11am - 9pm
Thursday 11am - 9pm
Friday 11am - 9pm
Saturday 11am - 6pm
Sunday 11am - 9pm


To Join the Sanctuary Elite and Purchase a Sanctuary VIP Membership all you have to do is Purchase it on the following website. They are currently $40 plus a small processing fee. Becoming a VIP Member gets you Discounted Admission to all Club Anarchy and Sanctuary Events. It will also get you access to VIP only Specials and Freebies at Different Events. Its good for 1 year but does not include admission.