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Every Month MISTRESS TETRA and CLUB TEMPT bring you Exciting Nightclub Events like no other in Los Angeles. Our Goal is to Provide Quality Pop Culture Inspired Events that everyone can enjoy. Our Events are Part Fantasy, Part Fetish and a Little bit of Cosplay all rolled into one. Many Events have the same old Performers doing the same old Tame Scenes and Performances. Not Us, Club Tempt Shows are like no Other in the World. Our Performers include some of the Best Professional and Lifestyle BDSM and Adult Performers. Our "Hostress" The Seductive and Charismatic Mistress Tetra is an Experienced Professional Dominatrix, Fetish Model and Radio Personality. Check out our website for all the details including upcoming events, performers and sponsors and Cool Members Only Content. We also have a full page dedicated to our Special BDSM Contest called the Survive Her Challenge. What Started as a Simple Birthday Party has Exploded into a Full On Brand Name. Club Tempt Brings you Monthly Events, Sexy Videos and Cool Content Including Message Boards and Profiles for Members, You Can Even Post Ads Just Like Craigslist. 

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Club Anarchy Presents "Anarchy in Wonderland" an Alice in Wonderland Inspired Event at Sanctuary Studios in Los Angeles
April 20th 2018
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Club Tempt Began as One Event Celebrating the Birthday of Mistress Tetra in August 2012. Due to Popular Demand, Club Tempt became a Regular Recurring Event in October 2012. With Help from Friends, an Ever Expanding Kink Family and the Support and Confidence of Mistress Cyan at Sanctuary Studios, Club Tempt Expanded into a Event Brand Name in November 2012 with the Creation of their Second Recurring Event "Club Anarchy". Currently Club Tempt Maintains the Two Most Popular Recurring Events at Sanctuary Studios including Monthly Members Only Exclusive Events and Massive Club Tempt Public Parties and Events. Club Tempt also works with and Contributes to Other Venues and Events in the Greater Los Angeles Area. Club Tempt is Owned by Mistress Tetra and her Promoting Partner Master Kush.