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Club Anarchy Presents Jurassic Spank
July 2018 at Sanctuary Studios LAX
9pm-2am 18+ Only Membership Required
 Billionaire Business Man and InSin owner John Handjob dreams big when it comes to his fantasies. John dreams of Jurassic Spank, an Isolated Island near Costa Rica, designed for the ultimate BDSM Enthusiasts. 100s of play rooms, Every toy in existence, no fetish too freaky. John decides that only the most Dominant of players can be recruited for his Island. BDSM's Best of the Best. The World's Top Tops. So he sends submissive scouts to search the world from Amsterdamn to LAX.
At first the Island was a success. Kinky Customers from all over paid top dollar to Experience the submission of a lifetime. But after a few years, The numbers dwindled, The Doms stopped scaring the customers. These were truly the World's best. But human beings build tolerances. Even the world's most experienced players were just not dominant enough. There are Dungeons and Dominants everywhere and Jurassic Spank was no longer unique or special.
As time passed John Handjob became obsessed with Dinosaurs. The prehistoric predators entranced him. He viewed them as the ultimate Dominant species of their time. In order to prevent the island from bankruptcy John hired scientists and began to experiment on his employees against their will. Using DNA manipulation and Experimental science they concocted a combination of the Ultimate Kinky traits. Using DNA extracted from a mosquito incased in amber the scientists were able to inject Tyrannosaurus Rex DNA into the Doms. This proved to be a costly mistake. The Dominants had to be kept in captivity due to their unrelenting aggression and dominance. After all his effort to create the perfect play partner he was unable to endure their punishments. As a last effort to save his island John invites famous Sexiologist Dr Anal Grant and Ima Milkem to give their professional opinions and endorsement on the park. Just as their island tour begins, the power protecting the electric fences shuts down and the Dominants are released from their cages... WELCOME TO JURASSIC SPANK!
At Club Anarchy We are doing the impossible and giving the people a party like no one else has attempted. We are doing a Jurassic Park themed event! Relive the motion picture masterpiece with your kinky community friends as we present a night dedicated to the Jurassic Park movies. All our stage performances will be inspired by the films. We also encourage everyone to dress up in the theme. How do you dress like Jurassic park? Really its up to anyone's interpretation. Dress up like your favorite character, pretend your a dinosaur for some special themed pet play, maybe you just want to rock your classic Jurassic park tee! Whatever you want to do get your ass over to Club Anarchy!


Club Anarchy is Dedicated to Combining Exhibitionists & Voyeurs with Kinksters in our attempt to Keep the Sexy in BDSM. We Present Live Stage Performances you cannot see anywhere else. From BDSM to Burlesque We Put the Action in Satisfaction. Club Anarchy will Blow your Mind and Turn you on. We make you sign a Waiver and Become a Member because these Shows are so Hot! From Expert Edge Play to Good Old Fashion Erotica Club Anarchy has it All! Our 7,000 Square foot Professionally Licensed Dungeon is Fully Furnished with 6 Themed Play Rooms. We have a Large Main Hall with a Large Stage, Plenty of Room to Dance and Play, Seating, A Bar, Public Restrooms, and a Large Greek Shower. Our Events are Frequented by Many Professional BDSM Players, Performers, Models and Vendors as well as lifestyle Players and even novices curious about the scene. Since our Event is Members Only we offer a Safe Sane and Kinky Place to Play No Rules in a real Dungeon. Our Expert House DJ will be Spinning Popular Hits from all Genres So Everyone's Favorite makes our Playlist, We even encourage music with Sexually Explicit Themes and Lyrics. Meet Someone New or bring a play Partner we are all very friendly and welcoming, and even if you don't get some Play in, we offer shows that include audience participation and are very fun. Enter our Survive Her Challenge and You can Even play with Some of Sanctuary's Hottest Professional Players. For some this a Dream come true for others it's a chance to test their limits with Knowledgeable Partners...CLUB ANARCHY is similar to Other Private Members Only Events but Our Play Parties have Stage Shows! All the Fun and None of the Bullshit, No formal introductions or profiles, be yourself and bring your friends! Let your fantasies come alive and do the things you can't normally do at a public party but have always wanted to do in a dungeon. Maybe you'd like to watch something wild you've never seen before? We have it all at CLUB ANARCHY!

All Our playrooms are open for unrestricted Play and Anything goes. To Read More about Club Anarchy or to become a Member Check out our Website:


What is Club Anarchy? Club Anarchy is Los Angeles' Hottest Exclusive Party hosted Every Month at One of the Most Unique and Adventurous Venues...Sanctuary Studios...A 7000 sq ft Dungeon and Night club. Club Anarchy is always pushing the boundaries and breaking traditional party rules so all our events remain Members Only. This allows us to provide an Environment and Atmosphere comparable to no where else. Our Stage shows feature Performances so Hot they will Occupy your Memories forever. To read more about Club Anarchy including New Membership discounts and specials check out our Fully Interactive Website...You can even create a Profile and Start meeting people online before our Next Event~

This Event and all Club Tempt Events are hosted by Mistress Tetra; Professional and Lifestyle Dominatrix, Former Sirius/XM Radio Host, and Legendary Party Mistress.


At Club Tempt Events we dedicate our Events and Play Parties to Creating a Fantasy world where you can escape your regular life and live an Adult Adventure in which Entertainment and Enviroment test the boundaries of Fetish, BDSM and Cosplay. All Our Events include an Original Story inspired by our Event's Theme to help our Guests immerse themselves in their Fantasy.
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